Digital Marketing & Data Analysis

With the help of our sister company, PRTech, PacRim Marketing Group offers a breadth of multilingual digital solutions that can be easily integrated into full-scale marketing programs. We specialize in all things digital including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and content marketing geared towards travelers in the Asia Pacific region.

Based on your business goals and target market, our team will put together a comprehensive strategy incorporating the necessary online advertising elements to help you successfully reach and convert customers while staying within budget. This can include a blend of traditional search ads, retargeted display ads, and video ads alongside direct marketing and lead generation tactics ranging from email blasts to online sweepstakes.

Working closely with our PR team, our digital marketing specialists will examine different advertising strategies to find what works best for your company. Some of the steps we'll go through together may be:
  • researching and recommending a mixture of keywords to reach the right shoppers
  • creating advertiser accounts on major networks, such as Google, Yahoo! Japan, or Naver
  • setting up keyword bids, targeting requirements, and tracking parameters
  • copywriting ads in multiple languages and/or designing creatives that appeal to different audiences
Once your digital marketing campaigns are up and running, we'll provide comprehensive reports and perform ongoing analytic analysis in order to measure effectiveness. Our recommendations are always data-driven and stem from website performance, forecasts, and travel trends.