Asia Media Opportunities

Incorporating a blend of print, in-flight, and digital media gives you the opportunity to reach your target market at every touchpoint. From research and trip planning to takeoff and arrival, exposure in the right kind of media helps to keep your business top of mind for consumers.

Digital Media

Hawaii-Focused Online Portals & Digital Platforms

Updated frequently with news and special features, we operate 3 online media platforms all about Hawaii in Japanese, Korean, an...

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In-Flight Media

JAL Skyward

Skyward is a monthly in-flight publication on Japan’s largest airline carrier and features articles in Japanese and English.

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JAL Agora

Known as the "Executive's Lifestyle" magazine, Agora focuses on luxury lifestyle stories that cater to experienced travelers on...

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Delta Sky

Delta Sky is a stylish business and leisure magazine distributed on all flights to and from Japan as well as in airport lounges.

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Print Media

Hawaii Style

Through in-depth editorials, Hawaii Style offers a much closer look at local everyday life that many magazines don’t.

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Hawaii Bon

As one of the top Japanese guidebooks, Hawaii Bon is a must-have for both first-time and repeat travelers to Hawaii.

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