Do you know what your advertisement is saying to your audience? Is it resonating in a culturally appropriate way?

To understand your audience and how to engage them, you need to rely on experts familiar with your brand and target market. We know the cultural nuances of Asian markets and how your brand is being perceived. Rely on our market specialists to ensure your marketing mix and message are appropriate and impactful.

Our cultural advisors ensure:

  • Accuracy of tenses
  • Etiquette level (formal or informal depending on region)
  • Graphics
  • Appropriateness of the message for a particular Asian market based on demographics and psychographics.

We’re aware of how market segments receive and gather information to make decisions and can advise you how to tailor your brand message in alignment with the correct market—whether in Chinese, Korean, or Japanese.





Happy New Year 2015

Four Seasons Resorts Lana‘i Chinese New Year ECard in Simplified Chinese and Lunar New Year ECard in Korean in different color schemes according to cultural preferences.