Online Direct Marketing & Lead Generation

Leveraging Online Direct Marketing to Generate Leads

Thanks to email and the internet, reaching your target audience has never been easier. Email promotions and online sweepstakes—combined with direct mail and/or telemarketing in some cases—are effective strategies for generating leads and gathering data for your business. From there, PRTech works closely with clients through all stages of planning until sales leads produce desired results.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool with the ability to deliver news, events, promotions, and sales directly to customer inboxes, often notifying them instantly through a push notification on their smartphone. From ad copy to template design, our marketing experts will craft captivating email blasts that best communicate important updates to your audience whether they are Japanese, Korean, or Chinese-speaking shoppers.


  • Promote sales or events and provide follow-up reminders, especially if it is time sensitive.
  • Stay connected with customers even after they leave your business or purchase a product.
  • Build and maintain brand loyalty by personalizing messages and offers.
  • Easily test and optimize different strategies using actual results such as open rates, subscriber numbers, and actions taken.
  • Track conversions that come directly from your email campaigns to accurately calculate your ROI.


Online Sweepstakes

Running a sweepstakes is one of the most effective ways to engage customers and encourage them to take meaningful action such as becoming a follower, sharing your brand with others, or showcasing their creativity. Through the power of social media, a giveaway has the potential to generate amazing buzz online and get fans excited about winning while remaining relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing channels.


  • Attract new, relevant customers by incentivizing them to become familiar with your brand.
  • Improve your relationship with current customers by having something to give back as a sign of appreciation.
  • Increase brand awareness when followers share your sweepstakes online, tag friends, or enter by creating a post on their own feed.
  • Build your user database and email subscribers list when visitors opt to fill out entry forms.

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