Media Coordinator FAM: Raising the Profile of a West Oahu Shopping Center

Kapolei Commons


Invited 16 local-based Japanese, Korean and Chinese media coordinators and writers to experience Kapolei Commons to learn first-hand of the center’s offerings to help educate them for pitching story angles to their media partners.


Desire to attract visitors from Japan, Korea and China by promoting Kapolei Commons in print and social media. Most stores at Kapolei Commons can be found in more convenient locations in the Honolulu/Waikiki area, which makes it challenging to lure visitors here as most of them stay in Waikiki. So the idea is to promote to visitors staying in the Ko Olina area and/or to visitors renting cars and driving out to the west side of Oahu.


Created a shop and dine FAM tour to let the participants sample some of the restaurants’ offerings and shop at various stores at the center. For those that lived in town, a shuttle was arranged to pick them up from the Waikiki area to drive them to and from KC.

Enlisted support from restaurant tenants to host the participants including Eating House 1849, Aloha Salads, Down to Earth and Ruby Tuesday. KC provided a monetary gift $25 to each participant to let them shop anywhere within KC during free time for an hour and a half.

A social media contest was also incorporated into the FAM to encourage the participants to post about KC to increase the reach for the center. Participants had to post their best photo(s) of KC during the FAM on the social media channel of their choice using #kapoleicommons. Five $50 gift cards from Regal Cinemas were given out to five people by choosing them randomly in a lucky drawing.

Gift bags were handed out at the end of the FAM.


The FAM resulted in $43,209 AVE with a reach of +9.7 million and 21 related articles. A survey with eight questions was sent to the coordinators after the FAM to get their feedback. Some of the questions included if it was their first time to KC, attractive points of KC, what impressed them and what kind of media they would recommend.

Based on the survey, only 2 of coordinators have been to KC because they live close by and the rest of them being their first time. They felt that large amount of parking stalls, spaciousness and good mix of shopping and dining were attractive points. Being very open and airy, as opposed to Ala Moana, and the size and new developments at KC impressed them the most. Guidebooks, travel magazines, food/dining pubs and family magazines were at the top of recommended media.

Due to the success of the last FAM, KC is open to having another one with a new set of participants and currently working out the timing for everyone.

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