Intern Testimonials


Kohei Itai

Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto

“Hi, my name is Kohei Itai and I am from Tokyo, Japan. I am a senior at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan, currently studying Business and Global Marketing. I also spent nine months (three quarters) abroad at the University of Washington as an international student before becoming an Integrated Marketing Intern at PacRim Marketing.

I found out about PacRim as I was searching for international marketing internships in Hawaii. Being Japanese, I was interested in the relationship between Japan and the U.S., which led me to apply for the internship program. During my three months here at PacRim, I was able to improve my translation skills and learned how to manage time accordingly. I also had the opportunity to participate in an international PR campaign from the initial stages. Through that experience, I was able to observe the process to fruition and deepen my knowledge about global marketing. My most favorite part about the internship was getting to know my co-workers and supervisors. Everyone was very friendly and not only guided me through work, but also taught me how to enjoy life in Hawaii.

With this internship, I realized that I want to help introduce and develop Japan’s presence in the global market. I am appreciative that I found out what I want to do in the future by learning from the people I met at PacRim, who come from all various types of cultural backgrounds. Overall, I had a good experience in the internship program at PacRim and would advise future interns to enjoy their time here. ”

Ariana Kim

University of Southern California

“Aloha, my name is Ariana Kim and I am a junior at the University of Southern California. I am studying Communication & Technology with an emphasis in Business Entrepreneurship. At USC I am the Vice-President of the Korean American Student Association, a delegate in Model United Nations, and a scholar for the Levan Institute for Humanities & Ethics. I am also the co-founder of a technology non-profit helping refugees in Greece, a Strategy and Marketing Intern for the start-up DOAP Kitchens in LA, and an Admissions Ambassador at USC.

I have studied abroad in Rome, Italy and Havana, Cuba. A culmination of these experiences and opportunities I’ve had has sparked a curiosity and passion to travel and understand the world from different cultural perspectives, an invaluable mindset that has helped me today to work as an intern at PacRim Marketing.

I was an Integrated Marketing Intern in the Summer of 2018 with PacRim Marketing Group. During my time at PacRim, I was able to greatly develop my writing, design, and analytical skills. I was able to work with clients ranging from restaurants to shopping centers to hotels. I particularly enjoyed creating visual pieces for clients as well as writing press releases. It was fantastic working in such a diverse, collaborative, and interdisciplinary environment. Working at PacRim has been such a fantastic experience and I am now more curious and confident to explore the opportunities of the business and marketing world.”

Taylor Date

Seattle University

“Aloha! My name is Taylor Date and I graduated from Seattle University in the Spring of 2018 with a B.A. in Strategic Communications and minor in Journalism. Throughout college, I served as an executive board member in the Hui O’ Nani Hawaii Club and worked as a Redhawk Hub Assistant to create programming for oppressed student populations. I also worked for the Student Government of Seattle University where I developed a social media campaign to bridge the gap between university administration and the student body. The highlight of my college career was being given the opportunity to study abroad in two of the biggest metropolises in the world—Seoul, Korea and Tokyo, Japan—where I developed a desire to work in international marketing.

On the very first week of my internship at PacRim, I was thrown directly into working a grand opening event for one of our clients. Despite being new to the team, my co-workers showed me the ropes and trusted me to represent PacRim to the best of my ability. I soon realized that the learning curb at PacRim is quick because we have such a diverse profile of clients.

One thing that I will greatly miss about PacRim is listening to all the different languages that fill our office. It is not uncommon to hear someone ask a question in English, and get a response in Japanese, Korean or Chinese. During my time here, I have been able to attend client meetings, pitch ideas and participate in the planning process of major events. Despite my short time at PacRim, the skills and experiences I’ve had will be invaluable towards an international career.”

Lian Bossert

“My internship at PacRim Marketing Group during the summer of 2015 was a great experience, especially working with the Integrated Marketing Solutions Team. It allowed me to see first-hand the benefits of combining various Marketing and PR tools to achieve the best results for clients. I was included in hands on projects and assignments from start to finish, which helped give me a real world look all of the concepts I've been learning in school. Overall I gained amazing experience and got to work in a truly positive and supportive environment.”

Deborah Mills

Bucknell University

“My internship at PacRim Marketing Group during the summer of 2014 helped me learn more about the ample opportunities for PacRim’s clients to expand further into and better their relationship with the Asian tourist market. It also helped me focus better on what I want to do when I graduate. After studying Chinese (Mandarin) for four years there are various job fields available, but my time at PacRim Marketing Group helped me find my passion for working within the tourism industry and helping hotels and retailers adapt to the changing tourism trends. It was an invaluable and life-changing experience that I will carry with me into any future career.”

Nicole Mastrodomenico

from Central New Jersey, Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, studies: Studio Art, English Creative Writing, and East Asian Studies

“When working in an environment where you’re marketing to Asian International Travelers, you have to know what they like, what they don’t like, what’s currently popular. You become better attuned to their aesthetics, and learn how to tailor messages and marketing that resonate with each culture.”

May Kim

from Ulsan, South Korea, University of Hawaii at Manoa, studies: Travel Industry Management

“Living in different countries has helped me understand how others think, and enables me to better communicate and market to Asian International Travelers.”

Jihyun Kim

from Busan, South Korea, Minnesota State University Moorhead, studies: Computer Information Technology

“My work in both school and previous jobs has helped me prepare for the technological work at PRTech.”