Hawaii-Focused Online Portals & Digital Platforms

A leader in developing new media vehicles, PacRim Marketing Group owns and operates three Hawaii-focused online portal websites: Hawaii-Arukikata.com (Japanese), MyHawaii.kr (Korean), and MyHawaii.cn (Chinese).

These online media platforms are updated regularly with daily news, special features, and seasonal information curated for each market, providing clients with opportunities to communicate with a wide range of tech savvy consumers throughout Asia Pacific.


Consistently ranked at the top of the biggest search engines in Japan, MyHawaii Arukikata is the most popular commercial website about Hawaii in Japanese. The online portal is updated every weekday with the latest news from Hawaii-based sources and provides in-depth features about hotels, shopping, dining, local culture, fashion, island events, and entertainment.

Targeting first-time and repeat visitors, Hawaii-Arukikata.com appeals to a wide audience of Japanese men and women aged 18-50, who are interested in traveling to Hawaii.


MyHawaii.kr is a commercial media website featuring news, events, and video content about Hawaii in Korean. The platform consistently achieves high placement within major Korean search engines, including Naver.com (the country's largest) and Google.co.kr.

Clients with an advertorial on MyHawaii.kr will also receive added-value exposure through Naver blog, the most popular Social Network Service (SNS) in Korea.


Also known as HAISHA, MyHawaii.cn is a web portal site supplying daily news and video content about Hawaii. HAISHA is completely accessible to residents in China and utilizes the country's unique social media platforms, such as Youku, a web streaming service housing both original and user-generated content; Weibo, the largest social network in China with over 300 million users; and WeChat, the country's most popular multipurpose app for messaging, mobile payments, ride sharing, and more.

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