PacRim Marketing Tokyo, KK

PacRim Marketing Group, Inc. incorporated its Tokyo office in 2006.  PacRim Marketing Group, Tokyo, Inc. is now a wholly-owned sister company of PacRim Marketing Group, which operates under the guidance of PacRim President Dave Erdman.

PacRim Marketing Group Tokyo collaborates with PacRim Marketing Group, Inc.’s U.S. office to provide client support and implement integrated marketing in Japan, including event coordination, press relations, trade show representation, database development, and consumer and trade industry requests.  Its unique 3-story Posh Building office in vibrant Shinjuku has served as a sales gallery and meeting location for media and clients.

The Tokyo office staff maintains a network of key affiliates in Japan to enhance its ability to assist clients with promotions, events, translation, interpretation, presentations, and general marketing and distribution of advertising and sales materials.